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Our brow growth clinic is lead by MILLA a Nutritionist, Makeup & Brow Stylist with over 28yrs experience.

This is a specialised facility or service that offers treatments and services to help individuals achieve thicker, fuller, and healthier eyebrows.

Our clinic typically caters to people who are experiencing issues with thin or sparse eyebrows due to various reasons, such as overplucking, medical conditions, or genetics.

Services and treatments offered by a brow growth clinic may include:

1. Brow Restoration: Our clinic often offers solutions for individuals with damaged or sparse eyebrows, such as microblading, brow tattooing, or brow lamination. These procedures can help create the appearance of fuller and more defined brows instantly.

2. Topical Treatments: our clinic also offers custom made topical treatments that promote eyebrow growth. These may include serums, ointments, or creams containing ingredients like peptides, or vitamins to stimulate hair growth in the brow area.

3. Micro-needling: We can refer you to Micro-needling clinics, as micro-needling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help stimulate hair follicles and promote the growth of thicker eyebrows.

4. Consultations: Our Brow growth clinic typically provides consultations with MILLA who can assess the current state of your eyebrows and provide personalised advice on the best treatment options to achieve your desired brow appearance.

5. Aftercare and Maintenance: Our Clinics also offers guidance on aftercare and maintenance of your eyebrows after receiving treatments. This includes advice on how to keep your eyebrows healthy and looking their best.

6. Nutritional Guidance: Our clinic also provides advice on nutrition and dietary factors that can contribute to healthy hair growth for eyebrows and glowy skin.

Let’s create beautiful BROWS together!