For your convenience, all of our services are available to be booked ONLINE ONLY

Our online booking system allows our clients to book their desired services, see all the available booking times, from any smart phone/device or desktop 24/7, and know exactly when your service will start and finish. Plus the added convenience of being able to CANCEL or CHANGE your booking without having to contact us! 

Our services are designed around convenience to fit in with your busy lifestyle, whether you visit us from your HOME, HOTEL or OFFICE.

For last minute bookings, start queuing before you head down so that you can skip the wait and be NEXT IN LINE or for the planners, you can book ahead up to 5 days in advance 24/7. 

No more waiting for opening hours to call & book, playing phone tag, going back and forth via email and wasting time.

The convenience of a WALK IN queue but one that you can 'see' and join before you come down to find people waiting ahead of you. We know how precious time is and we would rather you spend it the way you want to, doing what you love.

Ask one of our friendly technicians to show you how easy it is to use our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM & how easy it is to change and cancel if you can't make it.